Why should I choose Plush Real Estate Media?

Plush is the best choice for your video marketing campaign because we are a team of professionals that offer years of marketing, production and post-production experience. We specialize in the creation of high-end HD Real Estate Videos.  Plush Real Estate Media raised the bar for real estate video back in the early 2000’s and continue to provide top quality real estate videos that convert clients into customers and communicate stories to the target audiences.

Does Plush Real Estate Media understand your business?

We have worked with elite real estate developers, corporate clients and financial institutions to produce high quality web real estate video marketing that captures the essence of their business. Our knowledge of the real estate industry allows us to quickly and accurately assess your individual needs and goals. Contact us whether you are marketing hotels, resorts, commercial properties, retail, residential developments, or your real estate company.

Where are we located?

Plush is based in Washington, DC.

My company is in a different City/State; can Plush still help me produce a video? Can you travel? 

Yes. Plush Real Estate Media produces videos across the United States with local videographer teams located in all major cities.

Will it cost my company more money to shoot outside of Washington DC?

No. Plush works with an extensive network of film and video professionals throughout the United States. No matter where you are, we have a premium video production team available in your area.

How involved should I be in the production of my video?

It is entirely up to you. We recommend complete involvement during the Pre-Production process, as this is the most critical phase in the production of your HD real estate video. From there it is up to you. Nevertheless, we welcome your involvement throughout the entire process.

How long should my video be?

Video running time is determined on a case-by-case basis, as needs vary from company to company. However, the most effective HD real estate videos are generally a minute to five minutes in length. Check out our Portfolio examples in this range.

How long does HD video production customarily take?

Since every HD real estate video is written and produced from concept to completion, this is also a case-by-case assessment. In general, a shoot can take anywhere from one to three days, and then the project will go into post-production where the video is edited for final client approval.

How much does a video cost?

Plush Real Estate Media determines the cost of your video through a detailed questionnaire and presents a work order estimate. This process takes approximately 24-hours (or less).

How can a video for your company SAVE your company money?

What videos ultimately offer is a way to make available an online point of contact resource that is always accessible. Informational videos can include property tours, area overviews, marketing and advertising campaigns and even company presentations. Ultimately, videos can cut down on the need for extra employees, continual production of printed materials as well as reduce travel costs and other ancillary expenditures.

How can a video for your company MAKE your company money?

Videos have great ROI potential as they serve as a great way to grab the attention of a potential customer and convert their interest into action. Commercials and marketing videos that demonstrate your company’s advantages, as well as showcase your properties, lay an excellent foundation for revenue. You can now also effectively measure your ROI with video marketing by using various online tools.

What other production variables are there, which might increase the overall video budget?

As you explore your vision of the perfect HD real estate video, you may determine that your scope is larger than the standard marketing video. Additional locations, studio rentals, aerial shoots, employment of actors and other talent, as well as additional permits and insurance may be necessary to fulfill that vision. Plush always works with you find the most cost effective alternatives and never suggests any unnecessary work to increase the cost of your video.


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