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Now that your HD real estate video is complete, it’s time for us to deliver. Typically, final deliverables include Blu-ray Disc, DVDs and web-ready video files for your website. We also deliver video files prepared specifically for sharing on social networks such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook. Below is a breakdown of the potential outlets for our HD real estate videos and the corresponding deliverables.


If the video is to be displayed on your website, we work directly with your web developer to determine the file format as well as the appropriate dimensions and file size. If you prefer, we will host the video and provide the embed code to your web developer.


In order to prepare and deliver files for social networks, we need to first determine which networks you would like to display the video. Each network has preferred compression settings for video and audio to ensure maximum playback quality. Once we identify the social networks, we deliver the corresponding file for each platform.


If you plan to play the video in your office or at a presentation, we deliver your real estate video on Blu-ray Disc or DVD. In either case, we design a custom menu as well as custom cover art for your disc. If a Blu-ray or DVD player is unavailable, we deliver an HD QuickTime file so you can play the video directly from your computer.


Should you require a large quantity of Blu-ray Discs or DVDs for mass distribution, we can manage the duplication process as well. Whether you need 10 or 200 copies of your video, we make sure all copies are where they need to be on-time and looking professional.

Once your HD real estate video deliverables are produced, we ship physical media to your office and upload digital files for easy download. This completes the real estate video final delivery phase.

If you would like to discuss your real estate video marketing options with a Plush Real Estate Media specialist contact us today.



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