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Now that we acquired all of the real estate video footage in production, it’s time for the magic of post-production. Post-production is the process of editing together all the real estate video footage, music, voiceover narration, Google Earth Pro, 3D animations and motion graphics into one final piece that is your video.

We begin this process by presenting several music and voiceover options for your real estate video. We present options that we feel best suit your property and brand. Of course, the final selection of voiceover artist and music is entirely up to you. While the selection process takes place, we begin acquiring any existing media or marketing collateral that may be used in your video.

Then, once the voiceover artist and music is selected, we begin assembling the first cut of your real estate video called: the rough-cut. The rough-cut is a preliminary version of your video that is presented to you online. The purpose of the rough-cut is to provide the earliest opportunity for you to approve elements and make changes to the video. Once we have your comments on the rough-cut we immediately integrate the changes into the second cut of your real estate video. When the second cut is complete, we again present it to you for a second round of revision. This process may or may not repeat itself a couple more times depending on the complexity of your video. For example, if we create animated 3D renderings of your real estate property, there may be an additional round of revision.

How long real estate video post-production takes depends entirely on the complexity of your video. If your video features a lot of motion graphics, Google Earth Pro, or animated 3D renderings, it will take longer to finish. Extremely fast turnaround is achievable as long as the turnaround time was made clear during pre-production.

There are many creative decisions to make during post-production. All options are clearly presented in a manor that is easy to understand and evaluate. Nevertheless, you can be confident that when working with us, all details are carefully considered and crafted. We take great pride in the post-production process. In fact, our mission is to exceed your expectations for all your real estate video marketing needs..

Once you are absolutely pleased with the final cut of your video, we then prepare the deliverables for final delivery.



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