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Pre-production is the most important phase of our entire video production process. Real estate video pre-production is where all decisions are made regarding every aspect of your real estate video.

We begin this process by collecting as much information about your project as possible. One of our sales representatives contacts you with an organized set of questions to determine the nature of your project as well as the contents and style of your real estate marketing video.

Once the necessary information is collected, we prepare and deliver a proposal based on your answers. Once the proposal is agreed upon, we start working out all the individual real estate video production details. Each property is unique, that is why we approach every video on an individual level. There are many decisions to make about the production of your video, however you can be confident that all these options will be presented in a manor that is easy to understand and evaluate.

First and foremost, we write the script for your video. This video script writing process typically requires several drafts accompanied by back and forth dialogue, to ensure we present your property and company in the appropriate way. If we are producing a video without a voiceover, we may only need to write a video treatment. A video treatment is a one page written description of your real estate video.

Lastly, we need to determine how long it will take to shoot your video. The amount of time it takes to acquire all necessary footage depends entirely on the complexity of your video. For example, if your video is to feature only one property, it may only take 1-day to shoot both the interior and exterior of your property. However, if your video is to feature multiple properties, it may take between 2-3 days to acquire all the necessary interior and exterior footage for your video. Then, if you take it a couple steps further and add actors as well as individually lighting each shot, video production may take between 3-5 days.

Once these real estate video pre-production steps are complete, we move on to real estate video production.



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