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Once the pre-production process is complete, we move on to production process. Production is the phase where we shoot all of the HD video footage needed for your video. Overall, real estate video production is an exciting and enjoyable process. The success of real estate video marketing depends greatly on a quality video shoot. By working with us, you’re guaranteed the highest image quality and a seamless production process. During video production, time is money. To ensure a smooth process, it is preferable that you make available to us, and our crew, all the locations that we are shooting so we can move from location to location with no delay.

Real Estate Video Production Crew

The video crew can range anywhere from one person to twenty or more people depending on the complexity of your video. For example, if your real estate video is to feature only interior and exterior shots of a single small property with existing light, it may be possible for just one videographer to acquire all the necessary footage. On the other end, if your video is to feature a large property with each scene individually lit, it will take a much larger crew, especially if there is to be interviews or actors.

During real estate video production, we follow a strict schedule set forth during pre-production. This schedule makes it possible for us to acquire all necessary footage in a timely manner, while keeping you fully informed of our progress. That way, it is possible for you to be present for any specific portions of production without waiting around for the entire day.

Once production is complete, we move on to post-production.



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