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Video is a powerful marketing, sales and communications medium for companies and organizations of all sizes, especially those in the real estate industry. While traditional marketing is less and less sustainable every day, a well crafted HD real estate video on your website effectively captures your visitor’s attention with a powerful visual and aural texture that leaves a lasting impression. Unlike traditional marketing, real estate video marketing is a tool that can be used in a variety of ways – allowing people to interact with your brand for longer, more effective periods of time.

Viewers are naturally drawn to video because it stimulates more senses than any other marketing form. Synchronized video and sound provides unlimited potential as a marketing tool. Real estate video marketing accomplishes what no other form can; viewers can see properties, learn about surrounding neighborhoods, area attractions and transportation access, as well as hear endorsements from satisfied customers, executives and local government officials without leaving their computers. As a result, video is an extremely effective marketing tool. Video delivers a convincing sales pitch by generating drama and emotional involvement.

Until fairly recently, video distribution required DVDs or advertising spots on television. Fortunately, video compression has developed tremendously in the past several years. Thanks to the Internet, and compression technology by Adobe Flash and QuickTime, it is now possible for short form video to display at HD resolution on websites and social networks with minor loading time. It is also possible for visitors of your website to watch your video full screen at HD resolution creating an immersive cinematic experience. Videos can still be delivered on DVD and Blu-ray Disc for those requiring on-site presentation.

It is essential to note, however, simply displaying video content isn’t enough. Videos need to be high-end with engaging and relevant content. Consumers value their time, and since most have short attention spans, it is imperative that videos are concise and extremely entertaining. For real estate video marketing to be effective it needs to be attractive while addressing the interests and needs of the target audience. Plush Real Estate Media specializes in the creation of such content.

To understand what separates Plush Real Estate Media from other real estate video companies, visit our HD Video Specialists page.



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